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Monday, July 2, 2012

Jessie J Sued For 'Domino' Copyright Infringement

British singer Jessie J has been sued by California's Loomis & The Lust with the claim that her song "Domino" has a lot of similarities with the band's "Bright Red Chords" song.

According to the lawyer of Loomis & The Lust, "Mr. Loomis never consented to the use of his song. And we look forward to obtaining an appropriate remedy from the court for this clear infringement."

Representatives for Jessie J and the writers of Domino has declined to comment.

Watch the video with the mashup of the two songs. Jessie J, Loomis & The Lust have it in the bag.

Loomis & The Lust "Bright Red Chords" Music Video (2008)

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