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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Britney Spears Closed Deal with X-Factor

Britney Spears Closed Deal with X-Factor
"Gimme More" singer Britney Spears has closed a deal to be the new judge to the second season of X-Factor US.  According to reports, Britney Spears' contract amounts to $15 million which is way high compared to Paula Abdul's $2.5 million paycheck from last season.

According to a report, Simon Cowell told Billy Bush in February, "The fact that she's one of the most talked about — not just pop stars, but people — in the world today means that you've got this star power. She's still hot, she's still having hit records, and she's still controversial. There's a reason for that."

Among the choices of X-Factor were Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Pink and the late Whitney Houston before her death in February.

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