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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Pitbull
Photo credit: Lacroix
Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan is suing record artist Pitbull for using her name in the song "Give Me Everything." The lyrics of the song goes like this, "I gotta locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

The song which was released on March 18 was also co-written by Ne-Yo and Afrojack. On Lohan's lawsuit the two co-writers was also included as co-defendants.

In the court records, Lohan and attorney Stephanie Ovadia claim that the line "by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff."

Representatives of Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack did not release any comments.

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