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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rebecca Black To Release Album Next Month

Rebecca Black To Release Album Next Month
YouTube tween sensation Rebecca Black is set to release her debut EP next month. The "Friday" singer is promising her fans that she is serious of having a music career and determined to prove that she's not a one-hit wonder.

This is what Rebecca have to say about the new album, "It's a really large variety, we go from having upbeat songs to slow songs but I really can't say much about it." Rumors has it that Pharell will be appearing on that Rebecca Black's EP.

Friday, her first smash hit garnered a total of 167 million views in YouTube while her second single, "My Moment" has a total of 18.6 million views. Friday is currently disabled in YouTube as it has some legal problems with regards to who owns the song.

Will you buy Rebecca Black's EP?

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