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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lady GaGa’s Foursome with the Jonas Brothers

Lady GaGa’s Foursome with the Jonas BrothersI heard this yesterday on Monster Radio RX 93.1 and this is really strange and hilarious. The queen of charts, Lady GaGa apparently is going gaga over the Jonas Brothers and wants to have a foursome with them. Lady GaGa recently met the trio and she said that they are very talented.

Good luck Lady GaGa on that. Maybe you can score on the brothers (just remove their purity rings). Are we supposed to believe anyway that the Jonas Brothers are virgins? Britney Spears also said she was virgin until her ex beau Justin Timberlake revealed that they are doing it.

Back to Lady GaGa, the “Just Dance” singer is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's annual Hot List issue.

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Badong said...

napakingan ko rin yan sa monster kagabi tsaka nabasa sa msn. natawa ako. hehe. and seriously, do you believe the jo bros will live up to that virginity ring?

Anonymous said...

MM, i think she should be in a mental institution or in jail. The last member of this group is a kid (16 or something). Paedophile!