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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Destiny’s Child Reuniting

Destiny’s Child ReunitingThe “Independent Women” trio Destiny’s Child will soon hit the recording studio to record their new album. Yes, you read that right. Destiny’s Child (Beyonce Knoweles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland) is reuniting for the last time because of their contractual obligations with Columbia Records. According to reports, the trio still owes Columbia Records one studio album.

The trio went to hiatus in 2002 then went to record the album “Destiny’s Fulfilled” in 2004. After that album, they have announced that the three of them will pursue their solo careers. Beyonce’s solo career was phenomenal with two hit albums and numerous #1 songs in the Billboard’s Chart. Kelly Rowland wasn’t that of a hit and Michelle Williams played good in the Gospel Charts.

Speaking of Kelly Rowland, she’s now under a new management away from Beyonce’s dad. According to reports, she wasn’t given priority. Of course, all of the good material will go to Beyonce and not to Kelly. Let’s just hope it will help Kelly’s music career.

More news on the Destiny’s Child on the coming days.

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