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Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Memory of Francis Magalona

Yesterday noon, the news about the passing of Francis Magalona circulated the Internet.  It's a very sad news especially he a well-known Filipino musician.  I was trying to search for his Kaleidoscope music video where he is known for but all are disabled to be embedded.

In memory of Francis Magalona, here is a tribute for the master rapper of the Philippines.

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Sherry said...

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Ron Centeno said...

We will miss the King of Pinoy Rap. One person with a good heart.

Denis said...

kahit di ako relative or friend,i felt sad and even cried knowing that's he's such a lost. but i thought maybe God needs him up ther already

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mark,

Hope all is well. My Condolences to the family or Francis Magalona.

Nikka said...

Kakamis naman siya:-(

Rolly said...

May he rest in peace.

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