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Monday, February 16, 2009

You Changed My Life Movie Trailer

The box office King and Queen of 2008 is back this year with the movie, "You Changed My Life." You Changed My Life would premiere on cinemas starting this February 25. From this movie trailer, it looks like a box office hit again. A very nice movie this Valentine season. I have seen their first movie and I hope to watch this movie. Will they have a happy ending? I guess so.

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Entertainment Blog said...

Should watch this movie first so that i can compare it to a very special love.

Denis said...

again, im a self-confessed sarah geronimo admirer and I am going to see the premier with my high school friends

Jes said...

hi! nice blog! nasa abroad ka ba? kinilig ako sa trailer na to! ahahhah sayng lang d n ko nakakapanood ng tagalog movies kasi mahal sine ahahahh! sa vcd nmn puro pirated! ahahha! tnx for visiting! =) Good luck sa contest mo! =) nde pla sya random ano dpt pla mag earn ng points lalu!

webbielady said...

How i wish i can see it too as I have never seen Filipino films for quite a long time. I also have never seen Sarah on big and wide screen.

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