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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors

Rihanna Pregnancy RumorsAnother rumor has surfaced the Rihanna-Chris Brown controversy. This time, the cause of the fight of couple was because Rihanna was pregnant. There is even a report that before the fight, Rihanna had a check-up with an OB-GYN at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Rihanna according to the rumors looked unease and scared. A friend of Rihanna even has been quoted that Rihanna said that she was worried on the baby after she was assaulted by Chris Brown.

Let me summarize the Rihanna-Chris Brown controversy to those who are still unaware of the injured Rihanna.

The night before the Grammy Awards, the couple for more than one year Rihanna and Chris Brown attended the pre-Grammy bash party of Clive Davis. The couple looked happy and perfect. The next day before the Grammy Awards started, Chris Brown went to the police and posted a bail of $50,000. Chris Brown and Rihanna then announced that they will not attend and perform in the Grammys. Reports surfaced that Chris Brown assaulted a woman, which was identified later to be the Umbrella singer, Rihanna.

Rumors of the cause of the fight are as follows:
1. Rihanna gave herpes to Chris Brown.
2. Chris Brown was flirting with Leona Lewis and another girl at the pre-Grammy bash.
3. Rihanna read sexual text messages of Chris Brown’s phone from an unidentified womon.
4. Rihanna or Chris Brown wants to split up but one of them doesn’t want to.

There are also rumors that last year, Rihanna had an eye injury caused by Chris Brown. She had to wear an eye patch during a performance just to hide it.

Anyway, Rihanna according to police reports had bite marks, split lips, two concussion in the head and some bruises.

Chris Brown’s endorsements with Got Milk and Wrigley’s Double Mint Gum were pulled out in the market. Some radio stations in the United also pulled out the songs of Chris Brown. Advertisers of Rihanna’s endorsements on the other hand did not comment on the future of Rihanna’s endorsements with them. Rihanna currently endorses Nike, Cover Girl, Samsung and JC Penney.

Recently, TMZ, a celebrity web site released the alleged photos of the battered Rihanna. The photo was alarming and had caused more sympathy for Rihanna. Chris Brown even received death threats from fans and close knits of Rihanna. Police now are probing why the photo leaked and who is the source.

Rihanna celebrated her 21st birthday last February 20. According to reports, Chris Brown gave Rihanna a diamond gift and was trying his best to win Rihanna back. Rihanna and Chris Brown are reported to still have communication after the incident. Will they even get back together? Rihanna, wake up!

On March 5, Chris Brown will be arraigned. It is still not sure if this will push through since the police are still looking for evidence. Chris Brown currently is enrolled in an anger management classes as advised by his publicist.

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Sherry said...

most rumors turn out true... but we'll see.

Denis said...

again, they always say there's no smoke without fire, but some fire can be synthetic.

Sherry said...

I really want to know if she is pregnant

Sherry said...

this tube dress is cute!

Sherry said...

I show my friend this pic, she told me the dress looked like curtain.

Come on, its fashion!