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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Regine Velasquez Low Key CD Review

Regine Velasquez Low Key CD ReviewBefore I went for a vacation in the Philippines, my friend told me about the new album of Regine Velasquez, "Low Key." He said that it is a personal album and from the title of the album itself you will know that Regine will not belt the highest notes. Thank God for that. I like her before but she seems to exaggerate already with her singing.

Anyway, I was able to hear some of the songs of this new album. I immediately love the songs. Some songs are familiar which according to Regine are the songs from her childhood. Too bad, I wasn't able to buy this album when I was in the Philippines. My favorite song from the album is "Never Be The Same."

Here are the songs from Regine Velasquez, "Low Key" album:
Disk 1
01 Tell me that you love me
02 And I love you so
03 I’d rather leave while i’m in love
04 I never dreamed someone like u could love someone like me
05 No walls, no ceiling, no floors
06 Good friend
07 How can I tell you
08 Of all the things
09 Longer

Disk 2
10 At seventeen
11 She’s always a woman
12 Never be the same
13 Strawberry fields forever
14 Weeping willows, cattails
15 Leader of the band
16 Walk in love
17 Clouds across the moon
18 Christmas is Feat. Jim Brickman

Listen to the songs from this widget:

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uglykidjoey said...

I would definitely give this cd a listen. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

i already have her entire album on my ipod. :-)

as i heard her mention before, these are feel-good songs. songs that you'd want to listen while you're driving or just lounging around on the sofa.

and the album packaging is just fab. this is one of her reinventions that i like.

more power to your blog

Makoy said...

you're welcome :)

N A Z M I E S K I said...

Love Rigine Velasquez since i was 17 yo. I always love her singing..... Love her voice so much... Very proud to have a filipino blood. My favourite songs from Regine is Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka.....

Memorize the lyrics too. But still feel awkward to sing it since i dont have the ability to speak tagalog language very well. :)

Thanks for the info Makoy.....

Makoy said...

N A Z M I E S K I thanks for the comment. i checked your profile you're from malaysia. cool, you have filipino blood. do you understand the song that you have mentioned?

WebbieLady said...

It's good to know Regine can also sing that good in that not so high tone that she always carry... I am not into singing but I do like when a song is not that high pitched as I can at least hum along. ^^

56th BigMak Contest point for WebbieLady

astig316 said...

The Asia's Song Bird has done it again!