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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Korean Guy Jesus Take The Wheel Music Video

The Korean guy who loves to sing Mariah Carey songs is back now with his rendition of Carrie Underwood classic, "Jesus Take The Wheel." According to his YouTube account, he is Dawn Air (Kim, Dong-Won), a singer-songwriter. He's from South Korea and has 3 studio albums. Can you beat that?

Enjoy the video!

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berg said...

he has albums? is that serious? oh my lol

Makoy said...

yep berg that is for real. forgot to include his YouTube link. will update that later.

Denis said...

and another one bites the dust

webbielady said...

Oh wow. he is a rich kid by now then or might be even before. He has guts, that's what make him even popular/famous.

having studio album is a biggie thing huh! Indeed i^'s not easy to beat!

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