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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jennifer Hudson CD Review

Jennifer Hudson CD ReviewYesterday, I was able to listen to Jennifer Hudson's latest self-titled album. The Grammy R&B Album of the Year contains original songs and previous hit songs of Jennifer Hudson from the movies "Dream Girls" (And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going) and "Sex and the City movie" (All Dressed In Love).

Here are some of my raves of the songs in the album:

Spotlight, her first single of the album,has a great dance vibe to it and it is very refreshing. Not only Jennifer can do heartfelt songs but she can also do dance tracks.

If This Isn't Love, her current single is my favorite song of the album. It is very heartfelt and has a soul to it. It showcased Jennifer Hudson's emotions towards love, which we are unaware of.

Pocketbook featuring Ludacris has a hip-hop and reggae sound to it. A very unique combination, which I didn't like that much.

The songs "Giving Myself" and "You Pulled Me Through" was full of soul and emotions. "You Pulled Me Through" by the way was the song she performed in the recent Grammy Awards. That was a great performance by the way.

Aside from the collaboration with Ludacris and T-Pain, she had a duet with American Idol winner Fantasia in the song, "I'm His Only Woman." The song is like "The Boy Is Mine" of Brandy and Monica but with a much upscale R&B beat to it. I love their mix of styles in singing. They are like battling. The song with T-Pain by the way has a great sound and melody.

Jennifer Hudson CD is indeed a great buy!

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Denis said...

i think Jennifer Hudson made a lot of Run for the American idol mantra "money" =)

uglykidjoey said...

If This Isnt Love is my fave as well... :)

Carnation said...

she is a great performer. lost some weight, wish i can, too!

Sherry said...

she looks slim on this CD