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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Apply for OWWA and OEC in Singapore

How to Apply for OWWA and OEC in SingaporeThe other day, I wrote a post about the number of OFWs around the world. With that, I would open this post with the statement that I am officially an OFW. Last Sunday, I went to the Philippine Embassy here in Singapore to apply for an OWWA membership. I also got my OEC (Exit Pass), which is a requirement if an OFW will exit the Philippines.

I woke up Sunday morning around 9 A.M. I was really tired and sore from my Chinatown and Mustafa shopping last Saturday that I wasn't able to wake up early. I sadly reached the Philippine Embassy around 10:30 A.M. to 11 A.M. I was surprised that the registration at the guard house is full. The last time I visited the Embassy was during the weekdays and there were few people. Inside the embassy was more jam packed. All Filipinos and foreigners were all there.

My mistake was, I didn't photocopied my documents. I have to queue for the photocopy machine. After my long queue at the photocopy, I was told about the procedure and was furious that my number is 226 and the last number that was called was 100. When it reached 12:30 P.M., I have decided to take my lunch first at McDonald's, Forum. By 1:30 P.M., I went back to the Embassy and luckily found a chair to sit in.

I even saw my former and current housemates in the Embassy. They were also applying for the OEC and the OWWA membership. My other housemate have a queue number of 286 and 400 digits. After five hours of waiting I finally got my OWWA form and the OEC pass. OWWA membership by the way is S$42 and S$5.50 for the OEC. Make sure to bring your contract and a photocopy of it, your work permit and passport. My housemates told me to bring my airline ticket but they did not look for it. Just bring it just in case.

One more week to go and I'm finally going home.

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Cats said...

Hope all goes well. Have a safe journey back home :)

enhenyero said...

Actually you dont have to it na, when you go back to singapore before you check in just proceed to ofw counter in the airport and can get the oec by 110pesos only.

Makoy said...

i didn't know that. thanks for the tip :)

Sherry said...

I do not know about this. But I think this will be good info for them in Singapore