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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Christmas Party Story

The Christmas Party Story Makoy SingaporeThis Christmas party story has been over due for over two weeks now and I won't let this pass. The Christmas party happened last December 24 at the club house of Bukit Batok. The invitation was scheduled from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. I arrived the club house around 9 A.M. and my officemates directed me to go to this room where the registration of the party is held. It was raining at that time so I placed my wet umbrella on the floor near that room.

After the registration, they asked for my gift and they placed a tag on it. We then seated inside from the room that looks like a dance studio. I was looking for chairs and buffet and there is nothing. Around 9:30 A.M., the party started. I am just surprised that the theme to this Christmas party is the salsa dance. We were greeted by our officemate and a Salsa instructor. Right after their introduction, I immediately knew it that we're going to dance the Salsa. I have a video with my officemates dancing in my other blog.

Since I have no choice, I went on to the Salsa tutorial. I went to stand though on the back side of the studio so no one would see me. When it's time to partner with my lady officemates, I escaped and went to the toilet. Of course, I have kill joy officemates like me that escaped the Salsa dance. They seated near the toilet and after I relieved myself, I went to have a chat with my Singaporean officemate.

The Salsa dance/tutorial literally was the whole party. There are no presentations, games and fun stuffs. That surprised me a lot. That made me miss the Christmas parties of my former company in the Philippines. 30 minutes before 12 noon, the exchange gifts took place. Would you believe that I picked a number that is my own gift? I just told my officemate that that was my gift and he just gave me the gift that he received. After that, the Salsa contest happened and the awarding for the best dressed male and female. Of course, I did not win anything.

After that, we went to the function room where the food would be served. It is not buffet though and it took forever before the caterers. When the food were served, we immediately went to queue. My plate was literally full. The food was just okay but I still prefer the buffet served in the Anniversary party of my recruitment agency.

Here are some of the pictures from the party. Tomorrow would be the end of the holiday. Work again. I can't wait for January 23 so I can go home already.

Christmas Party Singapore picture 1 Christmas Party Singapore picture 2 Christmas Party Singapore picture 3 Christmas Party Singapore picture 4 Christmas Party Singapore picture 5 Christmas Party Singapore picture 6 Christmas Party Singapore picture 7 Christmas Party Singapore picture 8 Christmas Party Singapore picture 9 Christmas Party Singapore picture 10 Christmas Party Singapore picture 11 Christmas Party Singapore picture 12 Christmas Party Singapore picture 13

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mushroom-eater said...

hey there, i already added u in my blog list. wud u mind if u also give other ways to contact u like thru YM or skype perhaps? i just started blogging recently so im still a newbie. i hope u can give me some advise or something

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mark,

I am back and first things on my agenda is to greet you a fantastic new year. I have missed being able to drop by and visit during the hectic holidays and am now back to my daily routine. :) lots of hugs and may the new year bring us all new and exciting things for all of us. :)

Cecile said...

that is a yummy food you got here, i am getting hungry and drooling at the same time :-)

Sherry said...

yummy food you have there. Christmas party is the best!