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Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Scoop

American Idol Season 8American Idol Season 8 opened last week with a 30.1 million hungry American Idol fanatics including me. The number one show in America is definitely back even with a 10% drop to last year's opening show. American Idol's new fourth judge Kara Dioguardi did not help boost the talent show's rating, which according to statistics continues to drop every year.

It was obvious that more talents are shown rather than the William Hung "She Bangs" kinds. It's just a fresh look for me to have a new judge. And she's pretty and she can sing. What is the use of another fourth judge when two votes are needed to be in the contest? It was nice though to see a lady judge with a teeth. With her on the panel, it's more balanced: 2 men and 2 women. Both sides with teeth and not afraid to say what is on their mind.

Third week of American Idol Season 8 is still the audition process. I can't wait to watch the Hollywood episode and the Top 36.

Leneshe Young the last who auditioned tonight blew me away.

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Denis said...

WTG Kara!

Cats said...

Yep I think it's refreshing to have a new judge on the panel. Let's see how this season goes...

News-N-Views said...

You know? How crazy is this reality show at India.

Makoy said...

hi news! its a reality show in america.

hi cats! i missed watching it last week. darn!

WebbieLady said...

The more i read your posts, the more obvious it comes: You're surely into music! It's cool to read how people look at American Idol.. ALl my friends are also into this except me. But all the same, I enjoy their reactions as well as how others see this thing, just like yoû here.

60th BigMak Contest point for WebbieLady