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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Excited About 2009

Cinderella Musical in SingaporeOne more day to go and we are going to welcome 2009. I am very excited of 2009, not only I would be able to go visit my family and friends in the Philippines, but I also have one more year of work here in Singapore. By the way, my roommates and I are planning to go to Marina tomorrow night to watch the fireworks display. That I am very excited about. My first Christmas and New Year here in Singapore. I just hope the fireworks would fascinate me.

Cinderella Singapore ticketOne more thing that I am very excited about 2009 is the Cinderella and CATS musical. I was very happy yesterday that I finally bought the premiere ticket to the Cinderella musical this coming January 2. My ticket for the premiere is S$75 plus Sistic fee. The cheapest ticket now is S$100. Pinoy talent and Tony Award winner, Lea Salonga will play Cinderella of course. I just hope I will see her perform. When I watched Miss Saigon in the Philippines, a different performer played her role.

You can catch Cinderella starting January 2 until January 22 at the Esplanade. CATS on the other hand will start on April 2009.

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Mariuca said...

May this New Year bring you more love, joy and success. HAPPY 2009!

Wishing on a Falling Star
Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

Sherry said...

how much is the ticket if convert to USD?

Sherry said...

this must be a joy for you!

Sherry said...

wow so nice you get to watch it.

Denis said...

its nice to see that recession is not entirely affecting us