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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back With 2Kg Weight Gain

Makoy Back With 2Kg Weight GainI'm back after many days of absence. I must admit that I am a bit weary and at the same time relaxed coz I'm not stressed out that I need to post a thing on my 4 blogs. I have many stories to tell from my long absence and I will start with my 2 kgs. weight gain.

The last time that I have checked, my weight is only 53 kgs. (116.6 lbs.) but only yesterday it is up to 55 kgs. (121 lbs.). I'm still underweight though coz my ideal weight is 135 lbs. But, I am very happy with the weight gain. I have to eat more and sleep late more (Is is true, you gain weight from sleeping late?). Nah, I have to sleep earlier maybe next year, hehe.

I just woke up actually. I just thawed the ham for my brunch and cooked some rice. I will have my brunch in a bit. I am so excited that after my brunch I will go back swimming. I have been absent in the pool for about 2 weeks I guess because of the back pain drama that I had. I'm still thankful for Salonpas for its wonders.

Check out my other three blogs, I have new material to be posted within this day.

Happy holidays!

The picture by the way is from the Amara Hotel during the 10th Anniversary party of my recruitment agency. I look awful!

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Diamond said...

ano kamo? naggain ka na niyan? hehehe...musta na friendship ko....meri new year ha....choyee d kita nabate...busy lola mo eh. olweiz ingat and stay happy and healthy!

Sherry said...

you gain just 2 kg, I gain 8 kg!

Sherry said...

I know I am sitting down too much, what to do as I love blogging.

Denis said...

many health experts say that we should stuff up with protein for weight