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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aircon Trouble

Last week, the aircon in our room are dripping water. We have informed our other housemate about it since he cleans the aircon. He fixed the water dripping last week and was pleased that the dripping sound when I sleep was gone. This week though was hell for me and my roomies. The dripping was gone but the aircon cannot produce cold air especially the past two days. It was great though that the electric fan was focused on me.

Aircon TroubleLast night, we have decided to open the windows and just turn the aircon off since we think that it only makes the temperature of the room more hot. I woke up this morning around 10 A.M. and remembered of the Pacquiao-de la Hoya "Dream Match" fight. I had a great sleep by the way. I just hope the problem with the aircon would be fixed soon. I'm not paying a high PUB just for nothing.

I'm now watching the live streaming of Pacquiao-de la Hoya The Dream Match. de la Hoya looked tired already in round 3. I hope Pacquiao would win!

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Sherry said...

oh yeah about aircon I have called technician to come check tomorrow there is weird sound going on!

Sherry said...

its is not cheap that day got it repair and put in gas $460 MYR

Denis said...

naku, this is such a bummer nga. lalo na ngaun dito sa pinas ang init!