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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is Prison Break Ending?

Is Prison Break Ending? Wentworth MillerWhen I was still in the Philippines, I was very intrigued with my officemates when they talked about this hit TV series, "Prison Break." The TV series is starred by Dominic Purcell and "We Belong Together" music video actor Wentworth Miller. I had the opportunity to borrow my officemate's DVD of Season 1-3 and was watching it religiously. It was tense and very thrilling to watch, especially Season 1 and 2.

When Season 3 ended, I thought the next Season would be a disaster since Prison Break already shown the climax and the ending. Season 4 tackled more with relationships (I think) and the tense and thrill was already gone. I still get to watch Prison Break every week and I hope this would be the final season. If they can do something better then there's nothing wrong to extend for one more season, right?

Is Prison Break ending or it is turning like the TV series, "LOST"?

Let's just wait and see. I read from E! Online that there would be an additional two hours for the current 22-episode of Season 4. Would this finally mean the end of Prison Break?

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Anonymous said...

I read that rumor too. Too bad. But in a way tama lang siguro because the plot has become less interesting this season.

Anonymous said...

They should end it already. The thrill and excitement for me already ended at Season 3. Binuhay lang si Sarah para may continuity.

Denis said...

i think they are currently processing better plot