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Friday, November 21, 2008

How To Save Money In Singapore

How To Save Money In SingaporeDuring these hard times, we should find ways on how to save money. During my stay here in Singapore, I have devised my own way of saving my hard earned money. Here goes...

1. To save on buying colognes, just be contended with the smell of your deodorant. Quite effective especially if smell close to your former cologne. Haha.

2. Instead of buying your lunch or dinner, cook your own food. I even prepare sandwich for my snack. It is time consuming, but it will for sure spare you some bucks.

3. Never buy things that you don't need. It should be necessity over wants.

4. If you have a credit card, only charge items that you can pay in full on the next cut off of your credit card bill. Don't let your credit card take over your shopping. It should be you that is in control.

5. If you are dying to buy something, it is wise to wait for a big sale to save more.

6. Don't be a one-time millionaire. Over splurging will ruin your budget and you will end up hungry before your next pay check.

7. And lastly, be proud of being frugal. It is nicer to be realistic than to assume that you are rich.

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Denis said...

i'll try tip no. 2

for this, i have to buy that cool lunch bag at penshoppe hehe

PuNiao said...

Yup, I absolutely agree. Although it's a drag to have to prepare home-cooked meals from home, but in the long run, you'll be able to save. Nowadays, even food are getting expensive, so everyone should try means and ways to save as much as they can.

Anonymous said...

so proud of you makoy.

more useful tips from you please. seriously, it helps.

Denis said...

and the saving tips are so timely these days

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