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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Heart Evangelista Look-A-Like Part 2

I received a comment from a friend saying that the look-a-like picture of Heart Evangelista doesn't look like her. Yesterday, I finally got to take the picture of the closest looking picture of Heart Evangelista's look-a-like.

I took it from the Rexona ads at Orchard MRT. Doesn't she look like her?

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Liza said...

ang layo makoy, hehe

entrepgirl said...

i don't think she looks like heart though. she's not chinita and her mouth is kinda big, unlike heart's. isn't heart a rexona girl too? that was her first commercial right?

Anonymous said...

Parang hindi naman kamukha Bro. Teka, yung mukha ba talaga o yung kili kili! LOL

Sherry said...

I see many ads on tv here most of the model are looking like celebrities.

Denis said...

she looks like christine too of happy slip