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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Filipina Domestic Helper in Singapore Gone Crazy

Filipina Domestic Helper in Singapore Gone CrazyThis is fresh news in Singapore and I got this on first hand. I was on my way home from Orchard when I noticed a group of people formed near the exit of Orchard MRT. I went to check on what's happening. There's this Filipina domestic helper seated on the floor and eavesdropper including the MRT security police surrounds her.

I didn't bother to ask the people around and just went to the bus stop since it was getting late. While I was waiting for the bus, other Filipina domestic helpers seated beside me and they began talking about the helpless Filipina domestic helper. According to them (speculations and facts), that the helpless Filipina domestic helper was cleaning the streets from Tangs to the Orchard MRT. Someone have noticed her and called the MRT security. That Filipina domestic helper spoke in English when she was asked by the police and the people around her. If she wasn't stopped by the people around her and the MRT security, she would continue cleaning the streets. Who knows what will happen to her, she might be even hit by a car. According to the other Filipina DH, that lady said that she has to finish cleaning until 1 A.M.

The other Filipina domestic helpers speculated that she was crazy, wasn't fed and paid by her employers and was even maltreated. According to them, that Filipina domestic helper is still young and was very thin. When my bus arrived, I did not ride it since it was full. I have then decided to go back to the exit of Orchard MRT to take pictures of her since I'm going to write this story. Even there are police, I still went for it. It is just silly of me to take pictures coz I got caught by the police. They ordered me to erase it though and leave immediately. I still can remember the airport incident I had with the police. Hahaha.

Now back to the Filipina domestic helper, she looked like on her mid 30's and was thin. She wasn't wearing any shoes and her hands and feet are very dirty. The other domestic helpers were right when they told that she cleaned the streets with her hands. When I got in the next bus, I saw an ambulance and a police car. I just hope that Filipina domestic helper would be in a better condition. Our embassy should do something to protect our domestic helpers in Singapore. There should be a routine check on their condition and programs that can help these Filipinas channel their stress and problems.

Picture courtesy of daylife.com. Photo shown is not the "crazy" Filipina domestic helper.

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Ane Fallarme said...

you're so right, our embassy should have a program for domestic helpers, poor filipina, i hope she turns out okay...

Zimatar said...

If I did not read until the end of the post, I would have concluded that the lady in the picture is the "crazy" ofw.
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Sherry said...

they are Filipina helper here not sure how much their salary. I was told its higher than Indonesia helper

Denis said...

the government shall take actions for issues like these. umaalis ang mga pinoy to seek more income and provide dollar remittances back home so fair lang dapat diba