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Monday, November 10, 2008

Blind Singaporean Singing Abba

This is the last video that I recorded last Saturday. This is still of course with the blind Singaporean named Wa Yee. The song is titled "Take A Chance On Me" from Abba. She must have listened to the movie, "Mamma Mia!" Hehehe.

Anyway, here is the video of Wa Yee.

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Anonymous said...

Wala bang Mariah?

desperateblogger said...

so how's life in singapore?

Anonymous said...

"...she must have LISTENED to the movie..."

Witty witty witty.. hehe

I love this girl and for some weird reason i'm really touched by her. And you say she's nice also? Nakakatuwa naman.

Sherry said...

this is touching. :)

Denis said...

so this is not a Philippine novelty after all