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Monday, October 20, 2008

US Elections Equation

US Elections EquationI have seen this picture on a blog and was smirking immediately after glancing to the pictures. The creator of this picture even had the time to think of an appropriate equations for these US elections personalities: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and fresh from her SNL appearance, the famous Sarah Palin.

So what do you think of the equation in the picture? I really like John McCain's picture and Sarah Palin. It is so hilarious. I just don't get what Barack Obama and Joe Biden pictures mean.

Would post my comments on Sarah Palin's TV guesting on Saturday Night Live soon. America, vote wisely!

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Empty Streets said...

wow heheh that got me giggling too :) more more more :-D hehehe

Dale Bacar said...

Maiba ako. happy Birthday :)

Sherry said...

hehe... this is funny.. they are so cute.

Denis said...

this is such an ice breaker