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Monday, October 27, 2008

Today is Deepavali in Singapore

Today is Deepavali in SingaporeMy weekend vacation has been extended to another day. In Singapore today, we are celebrating the Hindus festivity of Deepavali. According to what I have heard, this is the Hindus version of Christmas. It was supposedly to be celebrated tomorrow, but it was moved by the government today. It was good though so people can have a long break.

According to what I have read on some sites, Deepavali is a colorful festival which is also known as festival of lights or Diwali. The Hindus celebrate it by lighting an oil lamp during the morning of Deepavali. This is their way of thanking their God for happiness, knowledge, peace and wealth. It also signifies victory of good over evil.

Happy Deepavali to the Hindus all over the world.

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nok said...

ay ganda! miz yah!

Deepanshu Goel said...

Deepawali is a celebrated as the day when 'Shri Ram' the avtar of 'Lord Vishnu' returned to his kindom 'ayodhaya' after the victory over the greatest evil of all time 'ravana'.

read more at http://festivalsinindia.blogspot.com/2006/11/deepawali.html

Denis said...

sana mas marami pang holidays to celebrate! para mas mahaba bakasyon