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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recall of Hot/Cold Packs

Recall of Hot/Cold PacksHot news in Singapore! Ten types of hot/cold packs containing toxic substance sold here in Singapore have been voluntarily recalled by their companies. The said toxic material is the anti—freeze ingredient ethylene glycol. Hot/cold pack should have a material called propylene glycol and not ethylene glycol.

According to Wikipedia, "ethylene glycol is an alcohol with two -OH groups (a diol), a chemical compound widely used as an automotive antifreeze. In its pure form, it is an odorless, colorless, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste. Ethylene glycol is toxic."

The affected brands are as follows: SURGIPACK, Soft R&R and OSIM. For the specific names here isv the list: Surgipack Soft Hot/Cold Pack Large, Surgipack Soft Hot/Cold Pack Small, Soft R&R Cold/Hot Pack—M, Soft R&R Cold/Hot Pack—L, OSIM uBaby Fever Band, OSIM Shoulder Pad, OSIM uKids Fever Band, OSIM Face Mask, OSIM Eye Mask and OSIM Hot/Cold Compress.

The voluntary recall was made after an accidental poisoning happened in Australia. It was reported that a young child had chewed through the hot/cold packs and had swallowed some ethylene glycol. It was advised by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to discontinue using the product.

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Denis said...

this has really taken the whole world by bad storm