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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pinay Scandal in Singapore

Pinay Scandal in SingaporeThis story is funny. While my roommates and I were having dinner the other day, my roommate told this story while he was in the MRT. There were two Filipinas on his back talking loudly and their topic was quite interesting. Their conversation was about the other girl's guy officemate. According to her, her officemate is gay coz she was trying very hard to seduce that guy but it has no effect towards the Singaporean guy. This Filipina lady even told that she was flashing her chest on this Singaporean guy.

It was just surprising that when my roommate glanced on the Filipina talking, he was shocked to see a fat lady with an ugly face. That was according to my roommate, just to make that clear. He even remarked that she wasn't wearing any underwear on her face. I guess that means that she is fugly.

No wonder her Singaporean guy officemate wasn't reciprocating her actions. Hahaha! The picture on this post by the way is not the Filipina that I am talking. I just grabbed it in the Internet. Hehehe.

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Anonymous said...

Baka naman Muslim yung Singaporean? They don't eat pork! LOL

nok said...

...lol...kaya pala! :)
kaw talaga makoy...oo...!

pchi said...


flashing her chest talaga

new word yang fugly for me ha

Denis said...

again, things like these can either make you or brake you.