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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harry and Paul Racist Episode

I was having my dinner yesterday when I saw on TV Patrol via TFC that a comedy sitcom from BBC titled, "Harry and Paul" received many complaints from Filipinos. That episode supposedly featured a Filipina maid seductively teasing a British guy.

Here's the clip from Harry and Paul.

I honestly don't think it's a racist act to feature a Filipina maid like that. We Filipinos easily react to these matters when in fact we have the habit of making bad remarks about other nationalities. I am even guilty of making those remarks especially I'm living now in Singapore. Let's analyze Philippine TV if we are not guilty of the "racism" act.

Argghh, I miss the BBC sitcom Little Britain. I really enjoy watching that comedy series. I heard that HBO is doing an American version of it. I hope it will push through.
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