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Monday, October 6, 2008

Elevator Fart

elevatorThis happened on my first month at work here in Singapore. I was on the lobby of the 10th floor and was on my way to go home when my Singaporean officemate and friend suddenly came rushing to the elevator. When we got inside the elevator, we sensed that there’s a foul smell.

There’s this guy on the corner of the elevator and was busy talking on his mobile phone. My Singaporean officemate then blurted out that it smell awful and kept on making this weird face. We were surprised that the guy on the corner suddenly talked to us and confessed that it was him. I was controlling myself to laugh but my Singaporean officemate laughed hard that made me laugh as well.

The guy on the corner apologized then continued with his talking on the phone. Thank God we are only on the 10th floor or else we will be suffocated from the fart smell.

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