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Monday, October 13, 2008

Cross Dresser In Singapore

Cross Dresser In SingaporeI was browsing a Singaporean blog and saw this picture from her site. I honestly was grinning when I saw this picture and was controlling myself not to laugh since I was in the office at that time. What's so funny is that the Singaporean blogger even had the time to put a bubble thought on the three persons in the picture.

So what can you say to this old guy wearing a dress with a matching pink sunglasses? I hope to see him when I cross the street. Anyone knows where in Singapore is this pedestrian lane?

What the fish!?!

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Anonymous said...

My cousin who works in Singapore actually emailed me a picture of him taken somewhere else. I was surprised such cross dressers exist in the open in conservative Singapore.

Anonymous said...

hola bola! i can see myself in him 25 years from now.. hihihi! wait.. noh!!! hehehe...

btw, i maintained your blogspot site.. okiesh!