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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Singapore Shopping

Last Friday, I was on vacation leave. I really enjoyed that day especially that I was able to wake up late. I had a long sleep and I felt rejuvenated. My roommates were complaining about my snoring during weekdays since I am tired and exhausted. Thank God, I had that well deserved rest.

Anyway, this Saturday I continued my shopping spree. I went to Plaza Singapura in Dhoby Dhaut MRT station to look for long sleeves, boxers, shorts and an umbrella. My first destination was Mc Donald’s since it was almost 6 P.M. and I was very hungry. I had the Double Cheeseburger meal combo. Yum yum! After that I visited Marks & Spencer and asked the salesman for my size. He gave me the smallest size to fit. Too bad it was a loose fit. He was nice though to say that I can visit the store upstairs where Asian sizes are available.

After dropping Marks & Spencer’s, I went to Little John, which is just upstairs. There are lots of long sleeves and even saw many rubber sandals. However, I didn’t like the design of the long sleeves and it cost too much. After that short visit in Little John, I went to visit the stores Bossini, Hang Ten and Giordano. At G2000 I was able to buy two long sleeves, which is on sale. I went afterwards to Carrefour to look for shorts. I was able to buy two shorts. I also visited Esprit where I bought an umbrella.

My shopping spree continued last Sunday after we went to church. I visited Compass Point Mall in Sengkang and saw that there was a renovation sale in Hang Ten. You will definitely notice the large build up of people inside the store and most stocks are placed in a pile on each table. I immediately checked for shorts and pants. Most of the sale items are from 10 to 15 SGD. I was able to buy 3 shorts and pants.

No more shopping until next pay day.

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