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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Singapore Ghost Story Part II

ghostDays after that, at exactly 1:30 A.M, after I have washed my face and brushed my teeth, I went to the kitchen to drink my vitamins. After that I went to the window near the kitchen to look outside. While I was on the window, I noticed that evil step daughter was on her way inside. Since I don’t want to have a chat with her, I ran, turned the lights off and went inside our room.

Thursday, I told my recent ghost story to evil step daughter since I knew that she easily gets scared with ghost stories. Would you believe that the next day she had decided to sleep on her best friend’s flat? And she even sent us an email telling us that she had contacted a Filipino priest to bless the house. When she returned Saturday morning, she told her ghost story. According to her, she arrived the house around 1:30 A.M. and she someone at the window. She had goose bumps while entering the house. She did not know that it was only me. Since my roommates knew about this incident, we were laughing hard. We did not tell her that it was me until this day.

My room mate also experienced something creepy. According to him, he heard someone laughing at the master’s bedroom. Since that time the room was vacant, he checked out the room and was scared to realize that he was just alone in the house.

Enough of the ghost stories.

Picture courtesy of blogs.nature.com

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1 comment:

pehpot said...

waaah! sacary pa rin pero funny for evil step sister hehe..

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