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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singapore Ghost Story Part I

It has been three months since I have been here in Singapore. So far, I’m doing pretty good. The only problem I am having is the long travel hours to work and because of that I easily get drained. I think it was the on my second month here that I experienced something creepy. I was alone in the living room and it was late night already. I’m not sure If was typing an article or I was just watching TV. Anyway, I heard this strange, creepy sound coming from somewhere. After that, I also heard the faucet from the toilet suddenly went on. I just ignored these sounds and continued with what I was doing. I think it was only a minute gap when I heard again the woman’s moaning sound. I was so scared that I ran inside our room and told my roommates that I heard this strange sound. I even left my laptop in the living room.

Anyway, just this month I experienced another unexplained phenomenon. I have this habit of washing my hands after cooking and washing the dishes. And since my soap is in the powder room, I do my hand washing there. I also have this habit of leaving the door open since I am just washing my hands. While I was washing my hands, I noticed “someone” passed on my back. Since I was surprised, I asked my housemate which is just three steps away from the powder room. I asked him if it was him that walked towards the living room. He replied that it was not him and he was just inside his room. I went inside our room and asked my roommates. And I have confirmed that it was this “somebody” that passed me.

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the menace said...

they say having some active spirits around makes the space a lucky. heheh- no source

RoSeLLe said...

hi makoy! for a second i thought you were my cousin! dang! you two have a lot of similarities :) and guess what? we call him makoy too :D your name isn't mark anthony is it? :)

pehpot said...

waaah! very creepy!

but hey it's not ghost month yet

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