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Friday, September 12, 2008

Paris Hilton Britney Spears Duet

Paris HiltonHotel heiress Paris Hilton is currently working on her next studio album, the follow-up to her successful self-titled album, “Paris” last 2006. Paris Hilton recently just made news when she commented on the purity ring issue of the Jonas Brothers. Would you believe that she actually made this comment to US Magazine, “I don't pick on them. That's something cool for a kid to keep, so don't pick on them for that." She made this comment after Russell Brand’s chastity remarks to the Jonas Brothers at the recently concluded VMA 2008. Russell Brand hosted the MTV Video Music Awards 2008.

Now back to the music of Paris Hilton. After she has expressed interests in collaborating with her current boyfriend Good Charlotte rocker, Benji Madden, she announced days ago that she also wants to have a duet with her friend Britney Spears. According to Paris Hilton, “My new album's out soon and it would be hot if I could do a duet with Britney. It is really poppy and sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue.”

Let’s just wait for her album and let’s see if it’s hot.

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MarlyMS said...

Sounds nice...I can't wait to hear their song together. I like Britney than Paris.

pehpot said...

can't wait for it!

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