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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Necessity Or Wants?

Armani jacketLast Monday while my roommates and I were having dinner, my other roommate brought up the Armani Jacket topic to his sister. He is asking his sister if it’s possible in their budget to get him an Armani Jacket. Obviously his sister said no and would rather pay for something cheap than an expensive brand.

The Armani Jacket costs more than 300 SGD and I guess it is on sale. Anyway, the whole time I was just silent listening to them. I controlled myself not to make a harsh comment but was pushed to the limit by my roommate. When his sister left the table, he asked me if he can use my credit card to buy that expensive jacket. Since he hasn’t paid me a cent from his loan and his airfare to Singapore, I said No! I snapped when he remarked, “To hell with you if you don’t want to help me.” I shouted at him and made my sarcastic comments.

This feel rich guy is more than 30 years old, hasn’t had his first salary here in Singapore and was depending on her sister, has an obligation to pay me and his recruitment agent and lastly has a family to support in the Philippines. Are you being mature or plain stupid? You would want an Armani jacket when you can’t even afford to eat lunch. You even complain about your eye then you want to buy a jacket. How about saving money for your eye checkup?

Last night since I don’t want any tension from my roommates, I answered him nicely while we were having dinner. This is the third incident we fought without him apologizing. I’m looking on the alternative of looking for another place to rent without the siblings, maybe next year.

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dazedblu* said...

Haha, just to differ the instinct from tha norm.. necessity is my bid XD

Nanaybelen said...

sobra naman yan. parang walang isip

Anonymous said...

i think wala ka ng pakialam dun sa kagustuhan ng tao, for me kanya kanya lang tayo ng mga wants and needs sa buhay. let him be.

pehpot said...

haha.. he needs it ano bah.. LMAO

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