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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Pay Check

Last Friday, I finally got my first check from the agency. Would you believe that I even asked the agency to give my check the day before that? I was really short in cash and just borrowed money from my room mate and my best friend. I was even thought of having cash advance in the agency, but it I was shy to do so. By Saturday, I opened my first bank account here in Singapore at OCBC, Punggol Plaza Branch. I really want to open an account in DBS, but I find it more convenient to bank in OCBC since it is near our place. When you open a bank account here in Singapore, you just need to present your passport and your work pass card. The minimum maintaining balance for OCBC is 1000 SGD while on DBS, it is only 500 SGD.

Anyway, when I got to OCBC, I forgot to bring my passport so I went back to our place which is just 5 minutes walk. After filling up the form and presenting the requirements and check, they already gave me my ATM card and passbook. I even applied for their online banking so I can track my account online. Too bad, the check will be cleared only after two days.

Just yesterday after work, I have finally withdrawn my first salary, which by the way was already allotted for so many things. Remittance for my family in the Philippines and payments for the rent and utility bills. After my visit to the ATM, I went straight to Lucky Plaza in Orchard MRT to send the money to the Philippines. I was controlling myself not to buy some Philippine made food in Lucky Plaza and I was quite successful.

When I reached the mall near our place, I bought a pack of hotdogs, pork chop, Tilapia fish and mixed vegetables. I also bought a can of ice cream, which according to my housemates is a must. They have this superstition that on your first salary, you should treat your friends with ice cream. I just don’t know the reason why.

Since I’m on leave on Friday, I plan to buy a comforter and new long sleeves. I can’t wait for Friday.

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Juliet Cruz said...

WOw, great MakoY!

You already have your pay check. Was that from google ad sense or from your work in Singapore.

Blow-out! (heheheh)

Anyways, we hope for your success in Singapore.

I worked in Singapore too before as a Research and Development Chemist (multi-task kind of work).

Abundance be with you!

Juliet Z. Cruz

the menace said...

congrats sir!




more blessings!

Aldrich said...

Isn't recieveing one's first pay check one of the best feelings in the world!? And then you realize, that some of that money isn't technically yours anymore - with allotments and all. haha

I'm surprised that OCBC's minimum maintaining balance is SGD1000. Citibank's requirement is just $500, and its a checking account too.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. haha
and btw, Isn't Lucky Plaza just like a slice of the Philippines. haha!

pehpot said...

wow.. feels good to spend your first salary..

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