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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moving Elsewhere

The other day, my roommate received a SMS message from our new housemate in the semi-condominium. According to her text message, we need to pay again within the week since they have bought some things for the house. My roommate got furious that we were being told to pay without consulting us first.

After that text message, our other new housemate texted and explained that the payment was for the PUB deposit and she needs the 100 SGD within the week. My roommates and I have the same sentiments that we shouldn’t be asked to pay since we haven’t moved in yet.

Because of the incident, my roommate has decided to look for another place to rent. I’m just worried that there would be implications since we have signed a contract with the agent. My roommate already informed our agent and I guess we need to finalize things today since we’re moving in by October 1.

My roommate already viewed a master’s bedroom in Choa Chu Kang and according to her the flat is okay. And compared to the rent in the semi-condiminum in Tanjong Pagar of 1,100 SGD it is only 850 SGD for the three of us in Choa Chu Kang. And the good thing is it is only 5 MRT stations away from my work compared to my usual 27 MRT station intervals.

I hope this issue will be resolved today.

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1 comment:

pehpot said...

oh well I hope that you're OK with your place now..

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