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Friday, September 26, 2008

Marian Rivera New Commercial

The number one TV personality of GMA 7 has a new TV commercial for Maxipeel. I haven't seen the commercial yet but would like to post it here. My friend in the Philippines said that she's speaking in English again. You have to listen carefully to her line, "sure way to smoother, whiter kutis artista skin." She pronounced "sure way" as "shurwi" hahaha.

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Makoyskie Reader said...

OK... So maybe she did not enunciate that phrase very well... I could live with that.

Too much nitpicking on her English Makoy... Tsk tsk.

martin said...

dear makoyskie reader,

shes a public figure, so you cant tell people not to give opinions about her.

plus shes being paid a fortune to endorse a brand. what about enrolling herself in a speech class and pay some respect to script writer's craft?

shes simple funny, so what the heck?

ken'ichii-san said...

haha... very credible...
hahahaha.... please please please....

pehpot said...

hehe.. wag na mag comment baka maaway pa..

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