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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ikea Singapore

IkeaLast week, my roommates and I were supposed to go to Ikea in Tampines since she insisted that we already have been there. Since it was my leave yesterday, I have decided to go alone and to shop for a comforter. Before going to Ikea, I checked first the bus guide so I won’t get lost. I think it was past 4 P.M. when I started preparing. I was glued on the internet while I was downloading episodes of Prison Break Season 4, Project Runway US and Project Runway Philippines.

I left the house after 5 then when straight to the MRT station. When I reached the bus interchange in Punggol, I took bus 34 then was in Ikea, Tampines in about 10 minutes. It was just a short ride since the route is in the expressway. Ikea is a big store. In that compound, there are also big stores such as Giant and Courts. I think Giant sells groceries while Courts sell electronic gadgets. On the other hand, Ikea sells furniture, stuffs for the bedroom and kitchen and so many things. I even heard that they have a store in the US.

When I arrived there, I just followed the people coming in since I am not familiar with the place yet. I was really hungry that time so I was looking for a McDonald’s outlet or the food court. When I reached the third floor, there’s this food stall wherein they sell hotdogs, ice cream, cookies and soda. They have this combo of hotdog and soft drinks for only 1.70 SGD. I had that combo and ate it very fast. While I was eating, I noticed many Filipino buyers talking in our native tongue.

Anyway, at the entrance of the giant warehouse, they have hangers, mugs, toilet brush, candles and toolbox kits for sale. When you go inside, there are sections for the tables, cabinets and chairs which you can assemble for yourself. At the straight left section of the store is the location of the bedroom and kitchen products. Before you reach the kitchen section, you will pass the candles section. It smells really good. I didn’t have the chance to check out the price since my focus is on the comforter. At the bedroom section, I saw this sheep coat rug. It feels so good on my hands. I even smelled it.

When I reached the quilt and blanket sections, I chose the nicest piece but cheapest since I am running on a budget. I bought three sets of quilt covers with two pillow cases and three pieces of quilt. One for myself and the two for my roommates. That would be my birthday gifts to them. After that, I checked out the furniture and left the store.

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Sherry said...

ikean in malaysia is nice too I love going to its cafe. I like refill coffee for free! but you know the coffee they chance the flavour. used to have latte but not any more.

pehpot said...

why is the word ikea sounds familiar.. may store dito?

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