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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Help Me Win The Bloggers’ Choice Award of The Philippine Blog Awards 2008

2008 Philippine Blog AwardsJust this morning, I was ecstatic to learn from a friend that I am actually nominated in the Blogger’s Choice category of the Philippine Blog Awards 2008. I actually laughed when I read my friend’s message and I eventually checked it on The Philippine Blog Awards 2008 web site. It is confirmed. I am in the list!

I am happy to see that my Filipino blogger friends are included in the list. To name a few: Julia Aquino, FruityOaty, Macuha and Pinoy Ambisyoso. I hope I would win even the biggest Filipino bloggers in the Blogosphere are nominated.

With that, I am asking your help, your vote actually. If you have a blog (Blogger, WordPress, Friendster, Live Journal, Multiply and others) that is three (3) months old and has a minimum of 10 posts, you are qualified to vote for me. And oh, you need to be a Filipino.

All you need to do is to create a post on who’s your pick for the Bloggers’ Choice Award and stating your reasons.

After doing that, you can visit the voting section of the Philippine Blog Awards indicating your full name, email address and the URL link of your Blogger’s choice post. Prizes for the voters will be announced soon.

Make my dream come true of winning a Philippine Blog Award. And oh, since it is allowed to vote for myself, I am voting for Makoy’s Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger. Because my blog tackles different issues like politics, entertainment, business and of course my personal life, it is very entertaining and informative.

The Philippine Blog Awards 2008 will be held this 21st of September 2008 at 1 Esplanade at the side of Mall of Asia. Visit this link for more details.

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FruityOaty said...

Congratulations on your nomination.

And thanks for the mention. Yeah, I was LAUGHING my head off when I found out I was nominated. Well, my blog is basically nearly dead. I've been on blog hiatus for NEARLY half a year... Yup, nearing 6 months now. I have nearly 0% chance of winning since I've been out of people's radar for so long now.

I think one of my pals (or most likely my sister) nominated me. Possibly as a clever way of trying to lure me out of my hiatus. LOL.

Well, I think it's worth voting for someone even though it takes more effort now to vote (publishing a post = vote) because the post is an entry for a raffle. Probably some good prizes to be won!

So yeah, I'll probably post my vote (which will have the good effect of ending my long hiatus). But I might not vote for myself... someone else maybe more deserving. Not sure yet.

itot54joni said...

goodluck!makikilink ako.ahehehe!

dazedblu* said...

good luck friend XD

"♥"Nikky said...

yey....i voted you makoy.hope you win..

check it here:

the menace said...

lets rally! =)

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Congrats Makoy! See www.kapamilya.co.nr

Hehe! Suportahan ta ka!

SpideRye said...

congrats sau. :)

Dale Bacar said...

Voted for you dude. Check out the post on my blog :)

leviuqse said...

hey makoy! voted for you!

here's the link



Abby said...

Hi Mackoy...i voted for your blog...Good luck, i hope you win!!

Joey said...

I voted for you. I hope you win. Good luck! :)

Guardian Angel said...

I just voted you. I just hope you can do the same for me too, only for a different contest. Pls. find the link below.
Got Pinoy dot Com

Good luck and Thanks!

bena said...

wow makoy! congratulations to you! i know almost everyone of us here are happy that you were nominated for the prestigious blog awards.. i'll let you know if i'd casted my vote already.. God Speed Makoy! Yebah!

bena said...

Makoy! i just voted for you: http://bena-yot.com/2008/09/19/friday-vote/ God Speed! ;)

pehpot said...

hmm.. galing ah.. so nanalo ka?

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