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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hair Transplant Inquiry

As I have posted days ago that I have a hair problem, I plan to have a hair transplant by January next year. I have inquired to doctors and so far NuHart is my best option. They are even giving me 30% discount for the hair transplant.

Based on the head shots that I have e-mailed, NuHart estimated that they would need 1,200 hair grafts for my hairline and crown. That would cost 105,000 pesos all in, less 30% discount. Dr. Andrew Pineda on the other hand estimated that they would need 1,500 hair grafts for the hairline at 100,000 pesos. He advised that the crown part can be medicated.

Hair Transplant is an out-patient procedure wherein the doctor harvests hair grafts from the patient then transfers that hair graft to the balding portion. The operation is safe and would have guaranteed results unlike the use of topical medicines. In six months time, planted hair grafts would look as normal as the other hair. Transplanted hairs are also for lifetime.

Donations for my hair transplant are accepted. Hehe.

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pehpot said...

hmm scary.. scared ako sa blood..

Make or Break

Anonymous said...

Did you get a hair transplant? Who did you go with? How do you feel about it now?