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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Evil Step Daughter’s Promotion

The evil step daughter’s series continues with this new development on her career life. I think it was last last week that she told us that she was promoted in her job. Her former boss resigned and since according to her she was doing her boss’ job, it was just right that she got the promotion instead of hiring a new supervisor to fill up that spot.

Before her boss resignation, she kept on complaining that her boss comes in the office late and would leave before 5 P.M. That her boss only comes in the office twice a day, something like that. After her boss resignation, her perspective shifted and she kept on praising her former boss. That she was allowed to go out and watch a movie during office hours and many other things.

According to evil step daughter, she already told her family and friends about it. She even calculated her adjustment salary for the month and promised her mother of a new television set. I just can’t remember if she treated us with ice cream.

Anyway, I think it was last week that I was laughing hard when she blurted out that her company hired a new supervisor. Aside from that there would be no salary adjustment for her promotion since she is under probation.

I still believe in humility. If I am in her shoes, I would announce to the world that I am promoted after I have been confirmed first. More stories about evil step daughter on the next episode.

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Anonymous said...

You don't say "last last week" in English, the proper way to say what you wanted to say is "2 weeks ago," right? "Last last week" is just for Filipinos and is improper.

And in you other post, you misspelled suma cum laude as zuma cum laude. Zuma is a Filipino comic book character. You don't have to capitalize the first letters because it is not a proper noun.

Pinay said...

This is for 'Anonymous'.
Before you point out someone's mistake, make sure yours is perfect. It is SUMMA not "Suma". Oh and you forgot to put the R in you on the first sentence. Yun lang po.

pehpot said...

wahaha.. i love love this series!

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