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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evil Step Daughter Sister

One of the never ending stories of evil step daughter is about her very successful sister. According to evil step daughter, her sister works in a company wherein she gets a salary of around 100,000 pesos, free car and condominium. She also told us that her sister is still single until this time and never had a boyfriend since birth. Her sister was picky and was focused on her career.

Evil step daughter also told us that her sister is very pretty, tall and model-like. That her sister was even offered to do some movies when the Titillating films were still huge in the Philippines. Her sister never accepted the offer since she was still in College at that time. Hmmm… What else? Think Makoy…

Since I can’t remember her other stories, I’ll just continue with this story. Anyway, last Tuesday morning, I was able to see her very popular sister. I was having my breakfast when her sister and her sister’s colleague arrived our flat straight from their business trip in Malaysia. I’m glad I was able to control myself not to laugh but when I saw her she honestly looks like a domestic helper to me. She was small, has dark skin, thin and has this protruding mouth. After I finished my breakfast, I went to our room to wake up my roommate. I want them to see evil step daughter’s sister since they have heard the stories as well. I was able to wake up my other roommate but was too sleepy to go in the living room. I just told him that she looked like a domestic helper.

That night while we were having dinner, evil step daughter’s sister and colleague arrived again from their last minute shopping. They were about to go to the airport to go back to the Philippines. My other roommate finally saw her sister and she was grinning. I messaged her that morning in YM and told her about evil step daughter’s sister. When we were in our room, she agreed with me that she looked like a domestic helper.

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1 comment:

pehpot said...

mouth talaga hindi lang lips? jusmio.. maluluka ako sa description!

so how about the 100K sweldo? for real?

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