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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Depressed On My Hair Problem

When I was still in the Philippines, I have been receiving comments from my family, friends and officemates that my hair is thinning. I am aware of it actually and was thinking then of having hair transplant. After three months of being here in Singapore, I have noticed that I have this bald spot on the top portion of my head. Was even shocked to see that bald spot while I was on a public toilet.

Last week, I have decided to inquire on doctor’s that specialize hair transplant. Since I plan to go home by January, I have inquired on the websites of the following doctors: Dra. Vicky Belo, Dr. Andrew Pineda and the NuHart Clinic in Ortigas. I even checked out prices in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I found out that it is still cheaper in the Philippines costing a minimum of 70,000 pesos to a maximum of 250,000 pesos. It still depends though on the graveness of the baldness. I hope mine is just for 70,000 pesos.

So far my choices are NuHart and Dra. Vicky Belo. I have taken pictures of my head shots last night and just sent it to them for estimation. I know I am being superficial but this hair problem of mine does affect me a lot. I have suffered from my acne problem when I was young and I don’t want another emotional scar with regards to my baldness.

Here are my head shots:

makoy top view makoy back view

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Aice Nice Concepts said...

may be you are lacking of one vitamin research ka muna about hair treatment and what vitamins to take or eat right food (^_^)

Aice Nice Concepts said...

I'm not sure but when I have falling hair problem I will take Vitamin A, Cod Liver Oil Capsule... and also Vit. C and Iron

Aice Nice Concepts said...

"cod liver oil" capsule vitamin A D siya for eyes skin and hair (^_^) ang itchura niya is parang yellow na jelly capsule na meron oil sa luob, its also called fish liver oil capsule ... bale mabili siya in any drug store

bena said...

tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. sa edad lng yan.. hihihi.. peace out! i agree with alice.. do a research first on hair treatment, vitamins and those sorts and consult a doctor after. i've heard of Svenson(s) which primarily caters on hair management.. you can also check with them.. goodluckie makoyskie! ;)

dazedblu* said...

awww, goodluc kon treatment :)

pehpot said...

hehe just like my hubby.. natural yan sa it no.. because your burning a lot of neurons.. masyado kase kayo mapag isisp LOL

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