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Monday, August 11, 2008

Vampire Family Returns

I think it was the last two weeks when the Vampire couple went back from their weekend vacation to the Philippines. I think it was their last vacation since the couple will be working full time here in Singapore. The next night after they arrived, we were surprised on the events that unfolded. They asked for a meeting and according to them, they will talk about the contract of lease. We just let our roommate attend the meeting since she's the only person included in the contract.

From the flow of the meeting, they were actually telling us that we are going to exceed to 2 people. From our knowledge, we were supposed to move on the other room after we landed a job in Singapore. But, we were surprised to know that our other housemates weren't informed and they have a different agreement with our other housemate. To top it all, they were expecting that I and my other housemate will be moving out soon. They were expecting that the sibling would actually live on a different house. Isn't that bizarre? To summarize the gist of the meeting, they want us out of the house.

There's this new character in the Vampire family. How about I call her evil step daughter since they aren't related. It's just hard to explain her evil deeds. Not only she orchestrated with the Vampire mother to get out us of the house, but she also wants us to follow her rules inside the house. Would you believe that she wants us to use the electric fan while sleeping to save electricity consumption? Haven't she realized that she stays up late watching TV. She also wants to have a job chart indicating the smallest detail on what to clean inside the house. I am really disgusted with her that I try not to speak or even look at her.

Well, too much for the vampire family and the evil step daughter.

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dazedblu* said...

More Vamps and Evil stories, lol

pehpot said...

interesting! nag aabang ako ng susunod na kabanata LOL

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