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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunscreen For Fruits and Vegetables

sunscreen for fruits and vegetablesIf we humans damage our skin from the sun's rays, fruits also suffer the same thing. Farmers in Fresno, California are now applying sunscreen to their crops to prevent skin blistering, heat stress and blemishes. Climate change and drought are some of the problems farmers are facing nowadays. With the introduction of sunscreen for agriculture, production of crops increased. Not to mention that it valued more since it is of good quality.

For years, liquefied clay has been used by farmers but now in California, SPF 45 sunscreen which is made of multicrystaline calcium carbonate crystals. These crystals have been engineered to specifically deflect ultraviolet rays and infrared lights from crops and fruits which have been sprayed with this formula. The good thing with this fruit sunscreen is that it lets the good light in to promote photosynthesis.

This fruit sunscreen has been tested in Australia and Chile. I just hope this new technology for fruits and crops will somehow help the food crisis of the world.

Picture courtesy of ag-network-chile.net

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1 comment:

pehpot said...

ah Ok akala ko sunscreens from fruits. sunscreens FOR fruits pala.. cool!

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