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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Singapore Wants More Babies

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien LoongSingapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged Singaporeans to have more babies when he spoke at his National Day Rally. The supposed airing of the National Day Rally was then postponed to support Team Singapore who was then contending for the Olympic medal.

Back to the baby talk, Prime Minister Lee tackled again this issue after four years to help ease the population problem in Singapore. To encourage couples to get married and have babies, the Prime Minister announced on the rally new measures and incentives. These measures according to him will amount to $700 million a year bringing a total of $1.6 billion a year in promoting marriage and parenthood.

Some of the measures include maternity leave of four months; one week of unpaid leave a year until the child turns two; baby cash bonus for new mothers; tax reliefs and child care subsidies for the fifth child; more child care facilities to be built; and financial aid for in-vitro fertilization treatment. Aside from that, government match-making agencies SDU and SDS will be merged to help increase synergies. It just surprised me that there’s a match-making agency in Singapore government.

Would you want to have babies?

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malaya said...

Their population is getting old, that's why. Mag-ampon na lang kaya sila ng Pinoy?

Obnoxiousqueer said...

I'm amazed with Singapore's quest to boost their population. If others are crazy to stop overpopulation like "ours", then they are into pushing their people to creat human life! vEry Prolife!


pehpot said...

yay! gusto ng mga pinoy yan! curious lang.. Singaporean couples only?

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