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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recommended Articles as of August 6, 2008

Starting today, I will be posting Recommended Articles from my two other blogs. I would include the gist of the articles as well as the links.

Makoy's Take On The Arts and The Entertainment

Brangelina Twins Pictures - The twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was finally revealed on the cover of People Magazine. Angelina Jolie gave birth to the twins namely Knox Leon (boy) and Vivienne Marcheline (girl) last July 13 on Nice on the French Riviera.

New Harry Potter Book - The biggest author in the world, J.K. Rowling announced last Thursday that she will publish a book of wizarding fairy tales this December. The Harry Potter author also announced that she will donate an expected $8 million in proceeds to her charity for vulnerable children.

David Archuleta New Song "Crush" - American Idol runner up winner David Archuleta released his first single titled, "Crush" on Z100 last Friday. The American Idol favorite was excited, nervous and anxious after hearing his first single on the radio.

Make Money Online With Makoy

Subscribe by Email - One way of attracting readers to your blog is to have a facility wherein your reader has the option of receiving your new posts in their email. With the help of Feedburner and other web feed management provider, it has become possible. If you can see in my three blogs, I have this widget wherein a reader just needs to type their email address followed by clicking the Subscribe button.

If you like this post, buy me a coffee link - A reader from my main blog asked me on how to add the link “If you like this post, buy me a cup of coffee” that you usually see at the end of my posts. Here is the answer to that query.

Entrecard Toolbar - I immediately downloaded the toolbar and was fascinated with the ease of using it. No more hassle of checking my Inbox and clicking each links. Now with a single toolbar, you can drop cards, advertise to other sites and you could also tag sites as your favorite. Whoever thought of this is so brilliant. More Entrecard users will definitely be engaged in dropping cards and spreading the good news of Entrecard.

Some Rights Reserved - Good news to bloggers, students and the people of academia, we can now use copyrighted materials like pictures, written publications, art work and music without the threat of being sued. The international group that introduced “creative common license” is in the works of allowing copyright owners to release their work to the public with few restrictions.

If you like this post, buy me a cup of coffee.

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nice way to attract readers to your blogs..ang dami ko talaga napupulot sa iyo..

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