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Monday, August 11, 2008

No More N82

Nokia N82Saturday night after we went to Plaza Singapura to meet our future housemate, I have finally contemplated that my last days with my Nokia N82 is nearing. I have copied numbers from it to my other mobile phone. Aside from that I also transferred pictures to my flash disk, which I will be posting in the coming days.

Too bad I wasn't able to use the Bluetooth device since the pairing wasn't working. I wasn't also able to use the GPS maps since I have no internet connection. The only feature that I enjoyed in N82 is the 5 megapixel camera. I just noticed that in some pictures, we had red eyes. I also was having problems in the call logs. Recent calls, missed calls and dialed calls weren't saved on the call logs.

Yesterday night, I have finally packed my not so N82 mobile phone. I placed it on its former bubble wrap inside the DHL pack. I have just asked my housemate to just give it to the DHL personnel, which will visit our house today. I just hope this free Nokia is forever and not for just two weeks.

To those who want a free Nokia phone, visit WomWorld.com. I have been receiving comments if this is true. Well, actually it is. There will be no payment from your side and all charges will be paid from Wom World. I'm just not sure on how long you will get your Nokia mobile phone after signing up. The duration of this free phone is only for two weeks, after that period a DHL personnel will pick up the mobile phone from your house.

Thank you to WOM world for letting me try a Nokia N82 phone.

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