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Thursday, August 14, 2008

MRT Funny Incident

This happened last week or this week. I was on my way to the office when I felt like that I need to go to the wash room. Everyday, I usually ride two trains. While I was on the first train, the first sign of my stomach ache was quite minimal. When I transferred to the second train, it felt like it was going to explode. I was thinking of dumping in the office but the pain in my stomach wasn’t bearable at that time.

squat toiletI have then decided to alight on Queenstown MRT station. I immediately looked for the wash room then immediately rushed inside. When I was inside the wash room, I saw that the center cubicle was vacant. I was shocked that it wasn’t the conventional toilet I am used to. It was actually a squat toilet. If you are not familiar with it then here is the picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Since, I do not have a choice then I went to squat. I took my pants off with a slight worry that something bad might happen. It’s just a bit awkward since I’m used to the conventional toilet. When I went outside the cubicle, there are two locals waiting for their turn. I just hope that incident won’t happen again or at least I will get to use a conventional toilet.

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the menace said...

geeez. i heard ganyan din sa thailand and malaysia

jlois said...

hahaha! welcome to singapore!, usually sa lahat ng toilet eh mya squat type na inodoro, eto kasi usually ang toilet ng mga muslims. usually sa mg amuslim country may mga ganitong klaseng toilet, sa Thailand walng ganyan.

daniel said...

oh my, the squat toilet! i never attempted to use those during my short visits to those countries. parang mahirap para sakin ang mag-squat.

look no further, some toilets in the provinces still has the squat type toilet detached from the main house.

pehpot said...


frog sit?

your just not used to it.. laking Manila ka kase hehe


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